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Shades of the future: colour trends for 2024 and suggestions from VALPAINT color trends

Interior design has always been an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of different factors: from setting up spaces to selecting furniture, and from picking out materials to using colour to make the most of every room.

That’s why for those involved in this world, the colour trends that come and go year after year play a central role in bringing the spaces we live in to life.

Specifically, 2024 heralds the arrival of a thrilling journey through the colour palette, inviting us to explore new aesthetic horizons where every colour has a story to tell, every hue is rich in emotion and every shade creates a unique atmosphere.

Five trends have been identified in order to redefine the spaces we live in, translating feelings and ideas into a visual language.

  • Symphony of emotions The delicate and relaxing shades of pastel colors will conquer the interior design of 2024.
  • Contemporary Nostalgia A marriage of timeless classic style and contemporary practicality embodied in neutral colors such as white, beige and brown.
  • Poetry of matter Metal and concrete are the main characters in furnishing trends. Irregular and rough surfaces give originality to furnitures.
  • Earth tones The 2024 color trends brings us in deep connection with matter and sustainability. The interiors come to life with a wealth of natural elements, where the raw materials and the warm colors characterize the environments, with an imperfect beauty, making them unique and fascinating.
  • Color contrasts An explosion of vibrant chromatic volumes that boldly define the character of the environments: here is the 2024 trend of color contrasts. The heart of this aesthetic is the use of large blocks of solid color, dynamic accents within the room.

The color trends book 2024 is available here.